Frequently Asked Questions: Nets – Youth Sports Products

Frequently Asked Questions: Nets

How Do I Find My Net Measurements?

Measurements of nets and goals are listed as Height (H) × Width (W) × Depth (D) × Base (B).

Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the goal.

Width: Measure from the front left post to the front right post.

Depth: Measure from the top front bar to the top back bar. (If there is only one bar, the goal has 0′ or no depth.)

Base: Measure from the bottom of the front post to the bottom of the back post on one side of the goal.

What is HTPP?

HTPP (High Tenacity Polypropylene) nets have been treated for hot climates with a lot of sun exposure. Our HTPP nets come in a 5″ hexagon, knotless net pattern.
A close-up image illustrates the HTPP net.